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Kenny Leichliter AwardPRESS RELEASEKenny Receives Certification

Local Technician Receives
Industry’s Highest Credential

Published on Wednesday June 27, 2018 (12:54 PM)

Submitted by Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation

Kenny Leichliter, a door and access systems technician with Martin Garage Doors of Nevada, in Las Vegas, has been designated as a Master Automated Access Stystems Technician by the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation (IDEA).  It is the highest level of professional credentialing available in the door and access systems industry.

The designation is awarded only to individuals who successfully complete four industry certification programs, covering Residential Installation, Commercial Sectional Door Systems, Commercial Rolling Door Systems and Rolling Steel Fire Doors.

Candidates must document training and experience in each of these areas, and pass comprehensive written examinations covering each of these disciplines.  Continuing Education is required for each credential, and all must be held in active status in order to maintain the Master Technician status.

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You can do this when you've been in the garage door business over 20 years!

Massive muscles.

    Perfect hand-eye coordination.

        Exacting small motor skills.

            Can drive quickly to your destination.

                Knows how to use the tools of the trade.

                    No errors.

Perfect landings every time!!

Copper Door 7 Years in the DesertCopper Door 7 Years in the Desert


How does 7 years of desert weather change a Martin copper garage door? It's called "patina." But the inside is still as bright as a new penny (inset). After 7 more years, maybe it'll be green!  This door, located in Meadview, Arizona, was installed in 2011.  A dark patina has overtaken it, and in a few years green spots will appear, until the entire door is copper green.

Copper - a thing of beauty!  Think of the Statue of Liberty, 65,000 pounds of pure copper worth Millions of Dollars.  Martin real copper garage doors are a bargain in comparison, but they will also turn the same green.

But all copper is not created equal.  A good patina artist can put dozens of different finishes on a copper garage door, then a clear coat finish can preserve it for years to come.

Copper has other advantages as well.  Copper will not corrode or rust, even on the seacoast.  It is one of the few elements that will last in places like beachfronts, mountains or desert.  Once it turns green, it will last for hundreds of years.  Not unlike the statue of liberty!


Some Days You Catch on Fire ... Some Days You Don't

Today, Kenny was welding a tube to install a grill at Shoe Palace in Las Vegas and he smelled something funny.  He looked down and his pants were on fire, and the flame was almost up to his waist!  He quickly put it out and went back to work.  

Just another day on the job in the garage door business!

A Little Goes a Long Way 

Is Your Garage Door Squeaking? A little goes a long way

When lubricating your garage door, a "little goes a long way!"  Garage door torsion springs will squeak without a little bit of oil.  (NOTE:  Do NOT oil the ends of the springs where the aluminum fittings are).  You can use expensive spray lubricants (not WD-40) or just common motor oil.  The old-fashioned oil can performs very well with garage door hardware.

A LOT of oil or grease will actually harm the performance of your door, especially in cold climates.  In the winter, the grease will harden which will slow down your door mechanism, or it may even bind up.  In the summer, the grease will liquify and drip on your car (or even on your head)!

Our technicians ran across these springs recently.  This homeowner had good intentions, but a few drops of oil do so much more than a bucket of good intentions.  Or a bucket of grease!

Lock It or Lose It

Just think of it as another "key" to your house, police officers say.  A national crime wave is raging that involves your garage door remotes.  Burglars prowl neighborhoods, grocery store parking lots, and streets around town looking for unlocked cars.  They search the car, looking for a garage door remote.  With that remote and your vehicle registration, they have your address and a key to your house.

Police across America are warning citizens to "lock your cars" and to keep remotes hidden.  

A common practice among thieves is to watch your house until nobody is at home.  Then they simply drive up, use your remote to open the garage door, drive into your garage and close the door.  And no one will be the wiser - most neighbors will think nothing of your garage door opening and a car driving in. 

Once inside, they will clean out your garage, then enter your house looking for anything of value that will fit in their vehicle.  When finished, they open the garage door, drive out, close it and drive away.  Most of the burglaries occur in the early morning hours.  But even in broad daylight, it all looks so natural.

Some homeowners wake up in the morning and find their garage door open and realize that items were stolen from their house during the night.

In a single sheriff's department in Virginia last fall, there was a rash of 5 such burglaries reported in one week.  These undesirables are not only looking to loot your property - they might intend to hurt you or a family member.  The lowly garage door remote has become an "open door" to homes all across the nation.

It is up to you to safeguard your home and your family.  Lock the exterior doors, and especially the interior doors leading from the garage into the home.  Lock your car whenever it is parked outside.  Don't leave remotes in your car, or if you do, make sure they're out of sight.  Use built-in "Home Link" remotes in your car - those are extremely difficult if not impossible to steal. 

"Mini-remotes" that will fit in your purse or your pocket  can be purchased from a licensed professional garage door dealer at a moderate price (although the remotes that lock and unlock your car cost upwards of $350.00, a mini garage door remote may cost less than $50.00). 

We express gratitude to the Tracy Press ( for the "Lock It or Lose It" sketch.  Many thanks to scores of media outlets and emergency response teams everywhere who continue to alert the public of this emerging hazard.


Garage Door Installer - High Tension Job!!


A couple of months ago we installed sectional and rolling door job in Bullhead City, Arizona for Discount Tire Company.  The sectional garage door in this photo is 22' wide x 12' high and it weighs somewhere around 800 - 1,000 pounds!  That weight is lifted by two huge torsion springs on a solid shaft.  

One of our installers posted the photo of the spring on Facebook the other day and his comment was, "High Tension Job!"  Garage Door job requires working with high tension torsion springs

Safety is a primary responsibility in all types of garage door work.  Installers must be certified to OSHA standards and must be thoroughly experience and trained in safe procedures.  One slip can be disastrous in this profession.  

Garage door torsion springs are very powerful and are sized to each different garage door according to weight and size of the door.  The springs turn the torsion shaft which is made of solid steel, unlike the shafts in a residential garage which are tubular.  As the spring winds and unwinds, it turns the torsion shaft.  The door is lifted by means of garage door cables and drums that are located at each end of the torsion shaft.  

Martin Garage Doors of Nevada is your source for all kinds of residential and commercial garage doors, gates, dock levelers and other dock equipment, fire doors, grilles and much more.  The company is accredited by the Institute for Door Education and Accreditation, and the technicians are also certified by that organization.  Call Martin today for all of your garage door needs!


Mega Bakery Doors 

Turano Bakery

Garage doors must meet special requirements in certain environments.  One of those areas is bakeries and other food service areas.  Most of us never have enough freezer space in our kitchens at home - Imagine a 25,000 square foot freezer!  This is just one example of the special environmental conditions we encounter.  So what kind of door will be best for a gigantic freezer?  Such environments require such things as:

  1. High Operating Speeds to minimize loss of chilled air when entering and exiting the freezer space
  2. High Insulating Values to keep the temperatures cold inside and warm outside the freezer
  3. Cleanliness and ability to pass health inspections
  4. Defrosting methods to get rid of condensation without damaging door hardware

Martin Garage Doors of Nevada represents many different manufacturers in order to meet special requirements.  One such manufacturer is Rytec (  Rytec makes a product called "Turbo Seal" that is ideal for freezer environments.  This high speed door can operate at speeds of up to 100 inches per second!  This allows a forklift or worker to enter and exit the freezer with minimal impact on the inside temperature.  This product is specifically designed for low-temperature and food environments with its own built-in deftost system and low-temp bottom bar.  The thick flexible curtain provides good insulating values.

At the same time, and in the same building, the garage doors must provide security to the perimeter of the building, while allowing deliveries, loading and unloading of trucks, and smooth easy operation.  Raynor Garage Doors ( were used on the loading docks.    The Raynor loading dock doors provide rugged security and smooth operation and will last for many years.

We recently completed the door installation at Turano Bakery in Henderson, Nevada (   For over a half century, the Turano family has followed European traditions to bake the freshest, highest quality artisan-style breads such as Ciabatta, Focaccia, Hearth-baked Peasant breads, and a variety of rolls. The extensive line of specialty breads and rolls can be found across the United States on a frozen basis.  






HAPPY EASTER!  - Update on our own Easter Bunny!Spring the rescued garage door bunny

Here is the latest update on Spring the Garage Door Bunny. Rescued from an abusive situation Jan 22nd, he was mean and ill-tempered but today Spring is a happy 24-hour resident at Martin Garage Doors!

Just last week, Spring's quarters were update with a new water dispenser, bathroom box, chewie toys, and tooth-cleaner sticks.  A new cage is in his hear future.  

Just in case anyone is wondering, the total budget spent on Spring has been under $20 per month.  The rescue shelter made sure he was healthy and that he had all of his shots and other care.  There is no reason that other individuals and businesses wouldn't enjoy their own rescue pet.  

Enjoy Spring's live feed on his own Facebook page.  Like his page at Please share with all of your friends and neighbors!

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