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BIG Doors are a LARGE Part of our Business

Las Vegas is a major airport hub. Clark County airport is one of the few major international airports that are in the middle of the city.  Nearly 1 Million passengers per year visit our airport.  One of the runways is the 3rd longest in the U.S. at 16,000 feet!  Las Vegas is the 26th busiest airport city in the world by passenger traffic and the 8th busiest by aircraft movements. The airport has nonstop air service to destinations in North America, Europe, and Asia. It is an operating base for Allegiant Air, as well as a crew and maintenance base for Frontier AirlinesSouthwest Airlines, and Spirit Airlines.  We also have an airport in North Las Vegas and in Henderson that have large hangars with very big doors. 

Funny story ... when working at  Martin Door Manufacturing years ago, Ken Martin gave up trying to explain to International clients where Salt Lake City was.  Instead, he just said, "It's by Las Vegas!"  People worldwide all seem to know where Las Vegas is because of its tourist reputation and its wonderful airport with nonstops to so many destinations.

And they have to store all of those airplanes and jets somewhere, and those buildings need great big doors. Where else can you call ... Martin!

Remotes - Remotes - Remotes

Remotes - Remotes - Remotes are a big part of what we do in the garage door business. Call Martin for all of your transmitter needs. Residential, commercial, garage doors, gates.   We sell thousands of remotes for all types of door and access usage.

Garage door remotes come in all shapes and sizes.  Mini remotes are especially popular these days because of a crime wave that's sweeping the nation.  Vandals are breaking into cars and stealing the garage door remote and the registration.  The registration has your address and the remote gets them into your house.  The answer is a mini-remote that you can hide or keep in your pocket or purse.

Garage keypads are also a type of remote.  These are mounted on the outside of your garage and are another way to get into the house without your keys.  Very convenient and very secure.

Gates also use remotes.  If you live in a community with an HOA, you will often have a gate and we can provide remotes that you can use.  All you need is the type of remote and the coding instructions from your management company.

When you purchase a remote, we also supply programming instructions.  Programming your remote can be a daunting experience if you don't have help.   If you bring your old remote into our office, we can often program the new remote for you while you wait.  Or we can send a technician to your home to help you with additional remotes, keypads, or we can program your cars to work your garage door or gate if you have the Homelink system included with your vehicle.  

Copper Garage Doors

99.9% pure copper garage doors are perfect for places like Mt. Charleston, lakefront & oceanfront properties, Copper Garage Doors
desert areas (using special patina).  Areas that are
rone to rust or corrosion are perfect for copper
garage doors.  Even in tough mountain or ocean
climates, copper will not corrode.

The reason the doors are not 100% pure copper
is that copper is a softer element so Martin had
to add a small amount of alloy to strengthen the
door in order to pass windload and dent-resistance

These doors carry a Martin limited lifetime warranty and should always be ordered with premium
hardware and safe joints.  

They are secure, and safe to operate.  Add a 
Marantec 370 operator for the ultimate in quiet
and performance.  This operator also carries a
lifetime warranty.

Copper doors  never corrode or rust, but they do
turn green eventually (think of the Statue of
Liberty). Copper is good for 100's of years.  Much 
of the copper in these doors has been recycles
over and over again for centuries because 
copper never seems to go away.  There is good
reason that even the ancients used copper for 
their money.


Residential & Commercial Gates


Here is a gate we built - yes we are a gate contractor too.  Several years ago our door customers kept asking if we could take care of their gate work.  We agreed and applied for the contractor licenses, etc.  

Today we've come a long way and have technicians who are certified gate installers.  But  we are focusing mainly on commercial and repair type gate work.  

Many of the same manufacturers of garage door openers also manufacture gate openers.  The industry shows always include gate opener manufacturers.  The same certification organization we use also does gate certifications for the International Door Association, the American Fence Association, and the Door & Access Systems Manufacturer's Association International.  

Garage Doors, Dock Levelers, Commercial Doors, Fire Doors, and ... Gates.

The Best of Las Vegas!

Martin Garage Doors of Nevada has been selected for the 2nd year in a row as one of "The Best of Las Vegas" companies to do business with! Strong presence in the residential and commercial installation and service businesses contributed to this success.

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Cables Go Above The Drywall!!


A drywaller came on the job after we installed a door at a Ross store in Las Vegas. Our technicians were not prepared for what they saw!  Ordinarily we come in AFTER the drywallers, but this time the drywall contractor came after us. 

He actually mounted the sheetrock right over the top of the garage door cables!!!  The door actually works fine for the time being.  It's a vertical lift door and it goes straight up the wall above the garage door.

The problem is that the cables will eventually cut through the drywall. We're expecting this to happen sooner than later.  

Look closely at the photo.


Customer Reviews

There are many methods to earn a reputation.  Customer reviews are one of the best in today's high-speed society.  They not only help spread our quality reputation, but they also drive business. Read our reviews by clicking below. They are running over 90% 5-star!!

Reviews can be faked, so we try to emphasize proven and trustworthy review sites for our primary online review presence.  Sometimes a competitor will try to post a negative review to damage a company's reputation.  But with new technology, such abuse is becoming more difficult.


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"Spring" the Garage Door Bunny

Introducing "Spring" the Garage Door Bunny!   Rescued yesterday,
he is one year old, and alone.  His previous owners were very abusive
and as a result he has emotional problems today.  But today in his
new environment surrounded by love, he is thriving.  

We named him "Spring" in honor of garage door torsion springs, and
because he is bouncy.  Spring is the new mascot at Martin Garage
Doors of Nevada.  

 Spring has his own Facebook page and my sons put up a 24-hour
live stream at

Over 1,000 views his first day!!!


Gun Mountain

Security is a huge factor in the door business.  In fact many say that security is the major function of all types of doors.  We don't necessarily agree with this viewpoint, as garage doors are a prominent component in the front of most homes, so beauty is probably another important factor, as well as safety, warranty, ease of use, noise, insulation, long life, maintenance requirements, and dozens of other factors.  

Please watch this video on our Youtube Channel: Gun Mountain  You will view our installers step by step erecting and
installing security doors and a metal gate across the front of a Gun Mountain, a major gun & ammunition dealer located in Las Vegas, Nevada.

The top picture at the right shows the side-acting security gate on the front of the store to deter intruders.  When you're in the firearm
business, security and break-ins are a major concern.  In front of this gate is the aluminum and glass "storefront."   This acts as a
 first line of defense. 

Next, this curtain gate system was mounted inside of the storefront for a second line of defense against intruders.  During the day it is
tucked away to the side and after hours it is locked closed.

The middle photo shows the firearms display when the new security shutters are open.  We protected the firearm displays with rolling
security shutters as a 3rd line of defense.  These shutters were installed over the front of the wall displays inside the store.  Each
evening, the shutters are lowered and securely locked, and the following morning they are unlocked and raised back up.  But they no
longer take the firearms down at night to put them away in the vault - they just close the security shutters and lock them in place.

Previously the gun dealer's employees were required to take down all of the firearms from the display and store them in the vault. 
Then the following morning they would go into the vault and put them all out again.  They still have the vault, but it isn't used to
store the display firearms.

The store owners informed us that the labor savings alone would pay for the cost of the doors.  

Please watch the video: Gun Mountain