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Galvanized Steel Lift Cable

Lift cable comparison

The galvanized steel lift cables that are installed on your new garage door are corrosion and humidity resistant.

These lift cables come standard and is aimed at addressing concerns of extreme corrosion that may be prevalent.

All of Martin's lift cables come standard 1/8 inch thick, or 3.175 mm, compared to the industry standard of 1/16 of an inch or 1.58 mm. One safety feature of the Martin Door lift cables is that even on low clearance/low headroom applications, the cables are located inside between the track and the door section.  It's safer because they are hidden and won't get in the way of your fingers.

Top 3 easiest ways to secure your garage door...

1. Your garage wall control can be locked. This turns your garage door opener off preventing anyone who may have unwanted access to your home from coming in through the garage door by operating the garage. You can do this whenever you feel you need to. 


2. Watch your garage door go all the way down when you are leaving your home. It's so EASY to rush away from your home, and get on your way to the places you may be going BUT if you'll wait an extra 15 seconds while your door closes, you can be ensured that your home is that much more secure. 


3. Take your garage door opener out of your purse/pocket! There have been SO MANY times that our garage door has opened because the remote was bumped inside a pocket.


These 3 things can give you more garage and more peace of mind! 

Garage Door LockDo you have a manual garage door? These doors have a handle on the outside with a key, making you feel secure. BUT they make it easy for someone to break into your home. Often, the handles can be twisted with a pipe wrench and forced open. For security, look into removing the outer handle and give yourself more peace of mind. (We sell a little plate to cover the hole.) 

New Garage Door Style

Martin Door introduces a new double center stile option for its steel Pinnacle line. When used with true bi-directional woodgrain and recessed panels, it looks fantastic. The look is created using a patented design; this door has a unique look that will accent your home's beauty. The double stile completes the carriage house look, by showing off your antique handle on each stile. This door is long-lasting, with low-maintenance.

This option is available immediately, so order today.

Garage Door Remote


Take a look in your car window... Is your garage door remote visible? Did you know that a common practice among burglars is to break into a car, steal your vehicle registration (for your address), and your GARAGE DOOR REMOTE?! They then go to your home and with easy access raise little-to-no suspicion and take whatever they want. AT YOUR EXPENSE. And you have no idea anything is wrong until you get home, try to open your garage, and realize your remote is GONE. By then, said burglars, are long gone and so are your valuables.


So, look in your car window again... and if your remote is visible, move it. To an uncommon place. The common places to find remotes are visors, ash trays, center consoles, and the glove box. And make sure it is not visible from the outside.


Take this small step towards your home security!



Windows on a garage door are so pretty and make for a great statement on your house. Notice these beautiful garage doors and how they compliment the design of the home and garage. All three designs compliment the openings and bring more appeal to the home. But there's a HUGE issue we need to remember as we designs and buy a garage door with windows...

Garage Door with windows Window Styles Garage Doors with safety windows


Remember that song "I can see clearly now the rain is gone"? Well... people will be singing a variation to that song when they can SEE clearly through our garage windows and check out all our possesions inside our garage! Easiest solution, make sure you get the tinted window when you order your door. Or if you already have a door with windows, simply get those windows tinted. (Call us for quotes!) Keep your family and all your posessions safe through this simple solution. 

Commercial DoorMartin continues to bring variety in the commercial industry with the introduction of new door models that will blend in with your buisness style, making it exceptionally versatile.  They are also a perfect fit for high end architectural all glass or steel designs.


Safety and security for your buisness and patrons is their specialty. Premium Commercial Garage Door

Have you ever checked the strength of your garage door operator?? Did you know that if you have a "cheap" operator, you can open your garage door simply by lifting it really hard??? You can test this my raising your garage door half way and then stopping the door. After you have stopped the door, go try and lift it... If it's a high-quality operator, the motor will hold and the door won't move. If it's a "cheap" operator, you may be able to raise the door. This is called "back-driving" the operator, and this can be done even when your door is all the way closed!! Keep yourself and your family safe by investing in a high-quality motor... See our page for the operators that we carry here.


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Tips for Buying a New Garage Doors


Buying a new garage door is a big investment, and its best to go in with prepared with a little knowledgeable. We’ve compiled a list of things to consider before purchasing a new garage door in Austin, Texas.

Is the Garage Door Safe

Not all garage doors are created equal, be sure to have finger safety in the joint and rollers.   FYI Martin doors are one of the safest in the industry and have these safety features built in on all most all models.

Determine if You Want an Insulated Door

Construction materials and insulation technologies for garage doors have significantly improved over past few years. Most garages aren’t heated, but your garage door still definitely impacts your home’s energy efficiency.  Martin provides a garage door that has a tighter seal against the façade to keep out the elements.  In most cases you won’t need a weather shield either.

In most cases a garage door will help insulate the garage from the odor weather as well as sound.

Insulation will help in extreme heat from the sun or getting blasted by the wind, an insulated door will better regulate the temperature of your garage.

Carriage House Doors are affordable

Are you interested in carriage house doors, but think they are too expensive.  You now can buy a carriage house door built with steel that will not break the bank.   These new steel doors have a woodgrain texture that looks like wood but without the upkeep. Add windows and antique hinges and handles to complete the look

It’s important to note that a garage door opener is usually not included in the price of a new garage door. However, most garage door installation companies also sell openers. Make sure to plan ahead, and be prepared to purchase a garage door opener in addition to buying the garage door itself.

Ask if the Garage Door Cost Includes Installation

The cost of the garage door will most likely include the cost of installation, but it’s always good to ask early and clear up that question ahead of time so there are no surprises down the road.

We would be happy to answer more of your questions!