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Coated/Galvanized Springs Interview

-Interview questions to Ken Martin from Tom Wadswonth, editor of Door & Access Systems magazine


Ken Martin

1. Are you currently offering coated or galvanized springs (or both)? (Please briefly describe your offering.)
Galvanized torsion springs are included as standard equipment on all Martin garage doors. They are also sold in bulk or as single replacement parts.

2. If so, which option(s) are you offering, and in what year (approximately) did you start offering them?
In the early 1980's, Martin Door Manufacturing ® began working with spring wire producers to pioneer galvanized torsion springs. This product was introduced in 1985 and trademarked, Zinc-Tempered Torsion Springs ™ to differentiate them from the common oil-tempered springs in the industry. Using a patented process and higher quality metric spring wire, these unique new springs featured longer cycle life, clean handling and a pleasing look. Because of their unique properties, special spring charts were required. By 1987, Martin furnished Zinc-Tempered ™ springs as standard equipment on every Martin garage door.

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Custom Garage Doors Adapted To World's Most Crooked Street

Custom Garage Door
This picture of a home near Lombard Street during a recent visit to San Francisco. Note the contour of the bottom panel, the location of the mail slot and two vents, plus the placement of the windows. Martin Door Manufacturing can customize a garage door to any setting, with hundreds of options, big and small.

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New Avanced Generation of Garage Doors are Here

It's not every day that garage doors are in the news but technology has come a long way since the single door swing outs.  Safety and quality have been added to make todays doors even better.  It's no surprise that today's doors are stronger, more secure and better insulated with even less maintenance requirements.  The choices of materials, styles, colors and window designs make now a good time to buy a garage door.  One new enhancement is the wood grain steel; this new steel has real wood grain pattern and embossing making it ideal for a natural wood look.  Some other doors come with baked on enamel that contain some UV-resistant additives that protect it from fading. The strength of the door is greatly improved by making the panel out of one sheet of high tensile steel. And with durability in mind some garage door warranties now have a Lifetime Guarantee. New Avanced Generation of Garage Doors are here.


Rollers Illustrate High Quality, Ingenuity of Our Doors

Martin garage doors dispel the notion that "parts is parts."


Martin Door takes anything but a casual approach to the parts that make up its garage door. That's one of the reasons Martin Door can claim they manufacture "the world's finest and safest garage door."


Taking a closer look at the unique roller that is part of each door, illustrates this approach.

Like many of the Martin Door inventions, coming up with the perfect roller was an extended process for David O. Martin. It was a combination of learning from the school of hard knocks, combined with innovation. That process has taken over 20 years, according to Dave Martin.

Martin wanted a roller with the quiet nature of nylon and the durability of steel. A roller made of nylon is too brittle, while a steel roller is too noisy. He had to work to find the best of both worlds.


Dave Martin, CEO of Martin Door Manufacturing, shows off a box of the unique rollers that are a key part of each Martin garage door.

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5 reasons to buy a Garage Door from Martin

  1. Superior Steel backed R14 double layered insulation is installed for those times when you need to spend time in the garage during the summer or winter. It also creates a significant sound barrier to the outside world. This is just one of the many reasons people say Martin is the quietest door in the world.
  2. Superior finger protection, ya its important, just think of closing a garage door from the outside without it; crunch. Consumer Safety Product Commission data shows that approximately 20,000 people are injured each year in garage door or garage door opener related problems. You have better safety when you have Martin finger protection.
  3. Superior Hardware.  I should stop there but there is a clear winner when it comes to door construction.  It’s everything not just the track, cables or springs; it’s the little details like the bolts and screws that are better, nothing was over looked when building a quality garage door like Martin.
  4. Superior look and feel.  When a Martin door is made from rolls of steel, it is done in several steps to create deep wood grain and deeper door details. This again sets its self apart from others.
  5. The LABEL; when a garage door company decides to put their name on the front of a garage door they are standing behind a superior product, period.  Well it is.

So you could say Martin Garage Door is quality, performance, beauty and value.

It was David O Martin's Birthday on October 27th and thought I would pay tribute to him and his company today.  Read the PDF Here

From humble beginnings To The Top of The World

Martin Door has come from humble beginnings, to be a company that now reaches to many parts of the world.

In fact, it is a matter of pride for Dave Martin, chairman of Martin Door Manufacturing that the sun never completely sets on a Martin Door since Martin Doors are sold in 87 countries and are found in the northern most parts of Norway and the southern most parts of Argentina.

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Introducing a Low Cost Garage Doors

Don't mess with this garage door...

Introducing your low cost solution, now order a Martin Door at discount prices.   We provide some of the best deals on garage doors through factory direct buying power and are always searching for deals for you, ask us about close outs, factory seconds, and discontinued items. We however don't sell junk; never!  We focus on quality brand name garage doors. You now can own a good quality garage door for less than a low end door from your big box retailers and other garage door dealers.  Check out our satisfied customers and our gallery of installed doors from basic garage doors to carriage house doors.  Buying a garage door will increase your home curb appeal with beautiful new garage doors.

Do’s and Don’ts For Garage Door Safety

The garage door is the largest and heaviest moving object in most homes. Sometimes these doors can weigh in excess of 400 pounds. They hang over your head, your children's heads, and your expensive automobiles, yet most people never take time to make sure their garage door and opener are working properly and safely.

Automatic garage doors are a safe, reliable convenience, but poor maintenance and carelessness with these doors can result in tragedy. According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, at least 68 children have died in accidents from electronically operated garage doors since 1973. In 1994 alone, the CPSC estimated there were approximately 20,000 injuries related to garage doors and openers.  

Many of these injuries and deaths could have been avoided if the following list of do's and don'ts had been followed.

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Automated Gates in Las Vegas

Las Vegas GatesGates can be a fun addition to your property and an automated one will enhance the look and privacy.  There are situations that can make installation difficult like having the gate open uphill.  Make sure the equipment that is installed will meet your gate load.  Also make sure there is not too much strain on the automation it is recommended to make sure the gate is well made and is greased properly. The Automation motors can be place underground with proper drainage but not underwater.

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