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Major Safety Violation!

Our installers found this commercial jackshaft operator on a "sheet door" at a residence last week.
It was quickly replaced with a Liftmaster residential jackshaft operator that complies with the latest

A sheet door is the type of door that is ordinarily used on mini storage units
and other low-use warehouse applications.  It is nothing more than a
flexible corrutaged sheet of steel that rolls up and down. When it is open,
the door rolls into a coil at the top above the door opening.  The sheet rolls
down in a track to close the opening.  These doors have very few moving
parts and are not made for high use.  Without special wind locks in the
tracks, the sheet curtain can blow out of the guides in high wind.  But they are an affordable door in
occasional-use areas such as storage units.

Occasionally someone uses a sheet door on a residence, and that was the case here.  The
problem is that sheet doors require special electric operators that close the door by turning the coil
rather than by pulling it up and down.

UL 325 is the standard that dictates safety guidelines for all residential operators. By installing 
commercial operators on residences, the owners and their family are exposed to the dangerous
forces without the safety devices to protect them.  Commercial operators rarely meet residential
safety guidelines such as the requirements for entrapment protection.  Most residential operators
use photo eyes as entrapment protection devices.  In addition, many residential operators use
"inherent" entrapment protection by sensing an overload in the electrical current and reversing the

Each year, thousands of people are seriously injured or killed in garage door related accidents.  So
these safety standards are extremely important to follow.  The old commercial operator on this door
did not meet safety standards, so it was an "accident waiting to happen."  

Inspect your garage door operator today.  Make sure it carries the UL label and shows that it meets
the UL 325 safety standard.  If you cannot find the UL label, or you can't tell if your garage door meets
these standards, call us today for a free safety inspection.

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Farmhouse Style in Garage Doors

Farmhouse style is the rage of the day.  But how can garage doors complement this style?  The modern-day farmhouse style calls for simple feelings of warmth and comfort. It's a traditional look, but in a comfortable in a way that makes you want to put your feet up and stay awhile. The farmhouse style is similar to country, carriage house and ranch house styles, but with it's own look and feel.   The key is "Rustic."  It's a combination between rural, urban, old, new, formal, informal and functional.  

There are many ways to add this style on the front of your house, and the garage door is certainly a big portion of the front of your house.  We're speaking of curb appeal.  Think of porches, old farmhouses and barns, and a feeling of comfort and
welcomeness.   A classic farmhouse look is all about a down home feeling.

Farmhouse Elements 

In a farmhouse, we find a combination of elements.

  • The look of real wood
    • Focus on wide planks
    • Try to get a "barnboard" feeling
  • A mixture of wood and metal
    • A metal or composite door can look like real wood
    • Add wrought iron accents with studs, clavos and spear points
    • Consider vintage iron accessories like handles, hinges, door
      knockers and step plates
  • Colors range from white to more rustic and even dark shades 
    • Two-tone is also acceptable
    • Try to get a weathered look 

Aluminum and steel doors can be powder coated with rustic shades, metallics, and "vein" types of painting in both
glossy and matte. Glossy is easier to clean and lasts longer, while matte gives a softer, warmer feel with a little more
TLC required to maintain it's classic look over the years. Powder coating has the advantage that it will last for
many years.

Garage doors are not commonly constructed from actual reclaimed wood for safety reasons.  The newer aluminum,
steel and composite materials can give the look without sacrificing safety.  These doors often require spans of 16-18
feet or more, so structural integrity is essential.  After all, you don't want a garage door to fall or even sag, because
they are hanging "heavy over thy poor head!" 

A small gallery of pictures is included here. But  remember that each of these doors can be white, light, or dark in color. 
Try to match the scheme of your home in a harmonious way.   The home with a green roof for example, could include
green panels with white planks.  You are limited only by your imagination and good taste.


Remotes - Remotes - Remotes

Remotes - Remotes - Remotes are a big part of what we do in the garage door business. Call Martin for all of your transmitter needs. Residential, commercial, garage doors, gates.   We sell thousands of remotes for all types of door and access usage.

Garage door remotes come in all shapes and sizes.  Mini remotes are especially popular these days because of a crime wave that's sweeping the nation.  Vandals are breaking into cars and stealing the garage door remote and the registration.  The registration has your address and the remote gets them into your house.  The answer is a mini-remote that you can hide or keep in your pocket or purse.

Garage keypads are also a type of remote.  These are mounted on the outside of your garage and are another way to get into the house without your keys.  Very convenient and very secure.

Gates also use remotes.  If you live in a community with an HOA, you will often have a gate and we can provide remotes that you can use.  All you need is the type of remote and the coding instructions from your management company.

When you purchase a remote, we also supply programming instructions.  Programming your remote can be a daunting experience if you don't have help.   If you bring your old remote into our office, we can often program the new remote for you while you wait.  Or we can send a technician to your home to help you with additional remotes, keypads, or we can program your cars to work your garage door or gate if you have the Homelink system included with your vehicle.  

Las Vegas Motor Speedway



This was the Las Vegas Motor Speedway job we installed.  There are actually over 80 doors in the Neon Garage.

For those of you who have visited the Neon Garage at the Speedway, you will appreciate how important the doors are during a NASCAR racing event.   See the Neon Garage this year during any of the dozens of events at the Speedway.

We installed these steel rolling doors by Cookson.  Rolling steel doors are most useful in situations of high security environments, and the Neon Garage fits that definition.  Many of the top names in racing are driving these vehicles in some of the top races in the nation.  

We also installed the doors at the Oasis Bar which is surrounded by the Neon Garage.  These
security counter doors are used to close up and secure the Oasis Bar when not being used. 
When they are opened, they are not visible to the public.

The National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing (NASCAR) is an American family-owned and operated business venture that sanctions and governs multiple auto-racing sports events. Bill France Sr. founded the company in 1948 and his grandson Brian France became its CEO in 2003. NASCAR is motorsport's preeminent stock-car racing organization.  NASCAR sanctions over 1,500 races at over 100 tracks in 39 of the 50 US states as well as in Canada. 

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Residential & Commercial Gates


Here is a gate we built - yes we are a gate contractor too.  Several years ago our door customers kept asking if we could take care of their gate work.  We agreed and applied for the contractor licenses, etc.  

Today we've come a long way and have technicians who are certified gate installers.  But  we are focusing mainly on commercial and repair type gate work.  

Many of the same manufacturers of garage door openers also manufacture gate openers.  The industry shows always include gate opener manufacturers.  The same certification organization we use also does gate certifications for the International Door Association, the American Fence Association, and the Door & Access Systems Manufacturer's Association International.  

Garage Doors, Dock Levelers, Commercial Doors, Fire Doors, and ... Gates.

Old Garage Doors Can Be Hazardous!

We replaced this opener yesterday, 1980's vintage Liftmaster 1020C with NO PHOTO EYES! Very risky, out of code since 1995. Make sure your garage door has photo eyes no more than 6" above the floor! Notice the wireless wall button.

The problem is that without photo eyes or other equivalent safety system, you and your children are at risk if the garage door spring breaks, or if the power goes out and you try to work it by hand, or if you are in the way when the door closes.

Garage Doors all need professional maintenance every 3-4 years if not more often.  But it seems that garage doors are one of the most neglected products in the home, even though they are the largest moving part of most homes.  They need lubrication, adjustment and TLC or they can become hazardous. 

If your garage door opener does not have photo eyes (or another equivalent safety system) mounted about 6" or less from the floor, your garage door is out of code and ican be hazardous.  Call us today for a preventive maintenance on your door!  I hope we don't discover something like the opener shown in this photo in your garage!

BTW ... Anyone seen one of these in recent history?

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Cables Go Above The Drywall!!


A drywaller came on the job after we installed a door at a Ross store in Las Vegas. Our technicians were not prepared for what they saw!  Ordinarily we come in AFTER the drywallers, but this time the drywall contractor came after us. 

He actually mounted the sheetrock right over the top of the garage door cables!!!  The door actually works fine for the time being.  It's a vertical lift door and it goes straight up the wall above the garage door.

The problem is that the cables will eventually cut through the drywall. We're expecting this to happen sooner than later.  

Look closely at the photo.


BIG Doors are a LARGE Part of our Business

Las Vegas is a major airport hub. Clark County airport is one of the few major international airports that are in the middle of the city.  Nearly 1 Million passengers per year visit our airport.  One of the runways is the 3rd longest in the U.S. at 16,000 feet!  Las Vegas is the 26th busiest airport city in the world by passenger traffic and the 8th busiest by aircraft movements. The airport has nonstop air service to destinations in North America, Europe, and Asia. It is an operating base for Allegiant Air, as well as a crew and maintenance base for Frontier AirlinesSouthwest Airlines, and Spirit Airlines.  We also have an airport in North Las Vegas and in Henderson that have large hangars with very big doors. 

Funny story ... when working at  Martin Door Manufacturing years ago, Ken Martin gave up trying to explain to International clients where Salt Lake City was.  Instead, he just said, "It's by Las Vegas!"  People worldwide all seem to know where Las Vegas is because of its tourist reputation and its wonderful airport with nonstops to so many destinations.

And they have to store all of those airplanes and jets somewhere, and those buildings need great big doors. Where else can you call ... Martin!

"Spring" the Garage Door Bunny

Introducing "Spring" the Garage Door Bunny!   Rescued yesterday,
he is one year old, and alone.  His previous owners were very abusive
and as a result he has emotional problems today.  But today in his
new environment surrounded by love, he is thriving.  

We named him "Spring" in honor of garage door torsion springs, and
because he is bouncy.  Spring is the new mascot at Martin Garage
Doors of Nevada.  

 Spring has his own Facebook page and my sons put up a 24-hour
live stream at

Over 1,000 views his first day!!!