Martin Garage Doors of Nevada

Safety. Warranty. Quality.

Copper Garage Doors

99.9% pure copper garage doors are perfect for places like Mt. Charleston, lakefront & oceanfront properties, Copper Garage Doors
desert areas (using special patina).  Areas that are
rone to rust or corrosion are perfect for copper
garage doors.  Even in tough mountain or ocean
climates, copper will not corrode.

The reason the doors are not 100% pure copper
is that copper is a softer element so Martin had
to add a small amount of alloy to strengthen the
door in order to pass windload and dent-resistance

These doors carry a Martin limited lifetime warranty and should always be ordered with premium
hardware and safe joints.  

They are secure, and safe to operate.  Add a 
Marantec 370 operator for the ultimate in quiet
and performance.  This operator also carries a
lifetime warranty.

Copper doors  never corrode or rust, but they do
turn green eventually (think of the Statue of
Liberty). Copper is good for 100's of years.  Much 
of the copper in these doors has been recycles
over and over again for centuries because 
copper never seems to go away.  There is good
reason that even the ancients used copper for 
their money.